Friday, March 02, 2012


As I wrote in an earlier post, I started to school in 1929, the year of the "Stock Market Crash." It was also a time of "Class" divisions.

We were taught in school about three classes of people as far as finances is concerned; the Lower classs, the Middle class and the Upper Class. But "bad language " was considered ignorant and "low class'' even if you were high class financially.

I thought of that yesterday when I read about the bags of cow manure being sold for garden fertilizer now being renamed "moo-nure. It is absolutely amazing how much one learns when one has a large family face booking and blogging.

My daughter, Carol wrote on facebook, " So we bought some "Moo-nure" for our garden. They have written on the outside of the bags, "We're number 1 in the Number 2 business." Then my great-nephew Jared wrote back " They stole that motto from my Dad." And I thought, "how clever of Jared's Dad, Warren to come up with that name."

My grandddaughter Larisa replied on facebook, "That must be the standard poop logo. My doggie poop patrol uses that too." So it is not just "cow poop" but all "poop" that are renamed "moo-nure." Note: they have a Doggie Poop Patrol" business in Tennessee.

Those of us who had wanted to have "class" in the 1920-30's did not call them bags of "manure" but bags of "compost" to fertilize our gardens. Manure in my Webster's is defined as "animal encrement or other substance for fertilizer. Compost is a mixture of deposing vegetable and manure.

President Harry Truman became President when Franklin Roosevelt died in 1945 in his fourth term as President of the United States( 1933-1945.)

Truman was known to slip into fowl language at times. He is said to have referred to fertilizer as manure one time and received negative press for his use of English. His wife Bess is said to have replied, "It took me a long time to get him up to the refinement of saying "manure."

Kirstie Alley is said to have dropped "an S-Bomb " when she was on 'Dancing with the Stars' some time ago. It was discussed with the casual remark, "that is what we have bleep folks for. They are to listen and bleeped. Anyone can make a 'slip up' like can be " bleeped out."

The happy picture of Kirstie with her hand over her mouth is above. Perhaps we can educate Kirstie to give up the S-bomb for an M-bomb?