Thursday, October 09, 2008

News Flash: Current Health Report

I always wanted a secretary. All the years I was in Grantville and East Point Avenue I had to do my own Sunday bulletins and Church News Letters,
This week I have had two efficient secretaries. Joan (Daddy's Roses) was my secretary for my Veterans Day post. Today I'm dictating to Carol (The Median Sib) to let you know that I'm getting better.
I still have a droopy eyelid, and a swollen side of the face and lips, but I definitely look better. (Maxilliary Sinus at Emory in Atlanta). I'm not getting much sympathy now so I might as well get bettter.
Carol is making me write a post because I don't look as sick as I've looked all week. She has stopped all sympathizing with me. (Note from Carol - That's not true.) I appreciate all the visits I've had.
Last night we had Gil and Naomi and Lewis and Mark from Alabama. We had all our Alabama relatives -- David and Vicki, Jessica and Haley, too. Katie was at camp. Debi, Gregg, Jonathan, Beth, and Carol were the others here last night.

This morning I got a really nice note from Galen and Brenda Foster with a picture of our house on 97 Elm Street in Milstead. It's the house we bought when Charles came home from World War II. We lived next door to Charles' marine buddy, Grover Foster.
His wife, Myrl, and I became good friends and were pregnant at the same time.
Our son, Terry and their son Galen were both born in March of 1947 and played together, had their own language and chatted with each other. It was so cute. They remained good friends until we moved a few years later. Galen is the child in the photo. The picture is at the end of this post.
So I'm getting better every day. My right eye actually opens now, my voice sounds normal again, and the swelling is going down. I had hoped the surgeon would do a little plastic surgery and make me look better and younger. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I look older and grayer. I'm happy to be alive after that amazing surgery. I appreciate all the tender loving care and the prayers and cards and thoughts of so many of you - including many friends.


Joan said...

Okay, Carol. I need to know how to put the flags on my blog. I have tried.

Thanks for posting this morning. I enjoyed reading the new entry.

Carol said...

Notice Ruthlace is ALREADY a Flippery Fish - and she just got in the system a couple hours ago! And Daddy's Roses has passed me already, too! Sigh! Congratulations, Daddy's Roses and Ruthlace!

beth said...

Y'all are just jealous! lol

{note: I'm talking and talking and talking to my sisters - trying to out talk them - and ignoring Mother}

Love you Mother - glad you are better and a Flippery Fish :)

beth said...

Love the photo!

Jane said...

Aunt Ruth, I am so glad you are doing so much better. You have had two excellent secretaries. You may get used to it and Debi and Beth may have to alternate after Carol goes home!!! Take care of yourself.

Jane said...

P.S. Carol, I would like to know how to get the flags on my blog too! Enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

...waiting on another post .....