Wednesday, November 03, 2010

You Don't Have to Shovel Sunshine.

Alas, the last of our exciting Georgia snow melted from a shady spot on my patio a few days ago. Pictured above is my young friend, Raiford Crews playing in the brief 2010 Georgia snow.

One of my favorite Web Logs is a lady, who, among her many other talents is her professional looking photography. Her post sometimes carries pictures of SNOW from her kitchen window “all fresh and new and very, very white!” She writes from Michigan, the land of snow.

I have been a widow for since 1986. For several years, I went out with a man who had retired and with his wife had moved from Michigan to Georgia. His wife had been dead a couple of years when I met him at a church conference. He had a great sense of humor. He told me they moved to Georgia because in Georgia he "did not have to shovel sunshine."

At this point in my life, I am glad to not have to shovel snow or try to walk on ice or snow. But so many of our best family memories (and pictures) with our children are tied up with the few snow storms here in the “land of sunshine and cotton.”

My husband was always as excited as the children when we had a rare snow. He would gather up the children and some hastily makeshift sleds and hurry to Shorter Hill or some other special place. If there was only a little snow, we all pitched in to make a snow man.

My job was often to stay home, put out a clean sheet to catch fresh snow for snow ice cream, dry out wet gloves, serve hot soup and keep the home fires burning.

So, school children and teachers, while you are watching the Georgia skies and wishing for a snow day, remember, " you do not have to shovel sunshine!"


Terrell said...

I love it, Mom!

Joan said...

Me too, Mom! Seriously, that is a good positive way to view the situation.

Jane said...

I love this story. I am glad you don't have to shovel sunshine but I must admit I am hoping for a little snow before winter is over!

sherle said...

Ruth... I'm betting you and I had the same number of pregnancies - that would be FIVE. Our 'middle child' turned out to be twins!

I guess right now I'm sort of a political activist but it's only because my community got stuck in a situation between environmental extremists (in the vein of Greenpeace- remember them?) and a local chemical company. When that situation is resolved I'm outta there!

I'm so glad you like the snow pics. I just uploaded a photo album from that snow day - will probably link it up when I get to my blog.

Nat said...

I just wanted to let you know that I've seen your link on my mom's blog for a while now and wanted to hop over here and let you know I've been here! Good reading and I'm sure I'll be back often. I SO wish I could send some of our snow down south; so many people missing out! =)

(I'll be blogrolling you later...)

Carol said...

Great post! I love the phrase "You don't have to shovel sunshine."

Lyn said...

I love the slightly chilly, but very sunny and beautiful days like today! I'm glad we don't have to shovel snow, but if it did require shoveling, it would definitely be worth it!

beth said...

I like that phrase - you don't have to shovel sunshine.

I've been looking for a pic to go with it but haven't found any pics of shoveling sunshine :)

Wonderful article (as usual!).

Jean said...

Hi, Ruth. I found your blog while looking for 'the Great Depression' information. It's a grand blog and I plan to read it frequently.

I was born about 15 miles south of Rome. Rockmart High school is the topic of one of my blogs. My new project, which helped me find you, is here: Mary Zelda a work in progress. I've only reached 1914 and hope to continue all the way to WWII when I was born. I have a whole album of family photos to fill it.

I'd like to link to your blog if it's okay, from another of my blogs which deals with the present:

Joan said...

I love the idea of enjoying (rather than shoveling) sunshine! You are about due to write a new memory story!

Anonymous said...

I love the memories of playing in the snow when we were children. How exciting to sled down Shorter Hill! And I always loved the snow ice cream. I course I loved any kind of ice cream!

Please keep the stories coming. I love to read them. Debi

Janice said...

This is a fabulous entry -- I love everything about it -- especially the humor and authenticity, you drew me into the story and (in spite of the fact that it is after midnight and I'm sleepy and need to go to bed) I had to read all the way through to to end. You are building a very loyal following. Keep up the good work.

Jane Schulz said...

Ruth, I just want to know: what happened to the boy friend? Does he have a brother? Does he drive at night?

I can always enjoy and identify with your blogs.

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