Monday, February 11, 2008

Life with Wings

Life With Wings
Cecil B.DeMille said he was in a canoe in Maine one summer day just drifting through the water in a shallow place near the shore. He could see the bottom of the lake and noticed it was covered with water beetles.
One of the water beetles crawled up on a canoe, fastened its feet in the gunnels and died.
Three hours later, still floating in the warm sun, DeMille said he witnessed a miracle. The shell of the water beetle cracked open and a tiny head emerged. The wings unfolded and finally a beautiful dragon fly with iridescent body and gossamer wings left the dead carcass and sailed across the surface of the water, shimmering in the afternoon sun…going further in a half second than the water beetle could crawl all day long.
The dragonfly sailed across the surface of the lake.. But the water beetles below, unaware of the miracle of metamorphosis, could not see it. .

DeMille said, “Do you think God would do that for a water beetle and not do it for you and me?"

Have you ever known the feeling of being lifted above ordinary limitations? Not just doing the best you can “under the circumstances” but allowing God to get you out from under the circumstances that would hold you. God is able! God is able to lift us up and over the limitations placed on us or the limitations we place on ourselves.

I sat on Sunday night with a congregation listening to Charles Shaw (a great preacher) give a sermon. He told about an imaginary conversation someone had with an ordinary looking worm crawling down the road of a busy city. The worm was "out of place" but told the man, "Don't stop me. I'm going to get my wings."

This is the poem I wrote:

Life With Wings

God made the butterfly
And I…
Stand on earth
And watch it fly
And see that God
Has fashioned wings
For even earthbound
Creeping things!
I know that God
Intended wings
For you and me
Oh! My heart sings!
I’ve found my wings.
And even I…
Can over circumstances

by RBS Copyright by RBS in 1973


Ryan Webster said...


Lyn said...

That's a beautiful poem, Grandmother. It's calming, amid the hassles of every day life, to remember that if God takes care of dragon flies, butterflies, worms, or sparrows, certainly he'll take care of us! It's nice to have that reminder to start my day today!
Love you!

PTLP Mike said...

Very nice poem, I agree with Lyn, these are indeed calming thoughts and words. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of the world.