Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

For Thursday Thirteen, I will post again the 13 positive things I wrote about myself some time ago? The picture to the right is Lillian and Grady , my mother and father-in-law in their dinning room in the 1960's. My husband Charles sitting next to his mother on the left and I next to him. Three other sons , James, Grady and Bill are around the table with wives, Margaret anf Eugenia wives of Grady and Bill. The youth and children are at a table set up to the left and out of the photo)

1. God Loves me. I rejoice every day in the knowledge that I am a child of God.

2. My husband loved me. I was a teen but was
smart enough to marry Charles Shaw and to love and be faithful to him all the days of his life. During our 47 years of marraige, we both had much to learn and had some difficult days but continued to love and respect one another. He was a truly great man.

3. I was and am a good mother to my seven children, my five sons-in-law and 2 daughters-in-law. I truly love (adore) them (even my in-law children) and my 18 grandchildren plus (nine in-law grandchidren...Jack, Naomi, Ricky, LaDonna, Steven, Meleah, Emily, Phillip, Michaele) and now 16 great grandchildren (Hannah, John, Helena, Sarah, James, Lewis, Mark, Rachael, Dow, AnnaGrace, Brianne, Natalie, Ethan, Lily, Sophie, Emma) and would gladly lay down my life for each and everyone of them.

4. Dogs like me. I am not a “dog lover”… have never had time to deal with a dog but they love me, nudge me, smell me and try to get in my lap when I visit in their homes. (This may be a negative thing. )

5. I love people and look for the positive in everyone.

6. I have beautiful legs? The general consensus of nurses and hospital personnel in many of my hospital experiences in recent years , is that I still have beautiful, young looking legs, "for my age." When recovering from my heart stint surgery, a nurse - one of many - came into my room, looked at my chart, and made a big fuss about how young I looked and "beautiful young legs." Hospital policy? I felt better immediately! Perhaps that was the idea.

7. I have a good sense of humor. I love to laugh and find much to laugh about. I am considered a "serious" person so people often seem surprised that I find so many things to laugh about.

8. I have always felt fairly positive, for the most part, about the way I look. (looked ... past tense). My husband thought I was beautiful and did not hesitate to tell me. The first time I saw myself on a video, I knew I was not near as beautiful as he claimed. But like most people, I have come to terms with my "looks" and try to accent the positive?

9. I feel I a modest person ... in spite of all the bragging above. At least I am humble enough to feel guilty and "childish" for finding so many positive things to say about myself.

10. I am a positive person.

11. I do not criticize people nor look for negative things in people.

12. I am a good “preacherThis is not a positive thing about me but about the God who has “annointed” me to do so. It is a faith building experience to see how the Lord does enable one to do what He calls them to do. Surprised by joy!

13. I am kind and often listen to, pray for and try to help those in crisis.


Joan said...

All true -- and just the BEGINNING of a list of your positive qualities! I could list more. You didn't mention that you are an unbelievably good mother and that you raised 7 highly productive and contributing members of society. You also didn't mention that you have beautiful hands. Lyn often comments on how graceful and beautifully shaped your hands are.

Jane said...

I echo Joan's comment. These are all true about you. Not only do you have pretty, youthful legs but you certainly look younger than your years. I found out from my orthopaedist that I have a lot of collegen in my I think that is why the Bairds hold their age so well. Daddy had hardly a wrinkle when he died at 81. So, we should be thankful, right?

Carol said...

I'm thankful for my good genes! And Mother, as Joan said, you have many more than those 13 wonderful qualities.

beth said...

ditto to what Joan, Jane and Carol said. You do have beautiful legs and good skin. I'm told all the time I have great skin and I figure I got that from you :) Not a vericous (sp?) vein in my legs! hey!

Anonymous said...

I've been in the hospital. I've had friends in the hospital. Nurses commenting on someone's beautiful legs has NOT become standard hospital policy. Your legs must be beautiful to get such a response.

Debi Lewis said...

Dogs are known for being good judges of people's character. If dogs like you, that says good things about you. From this post, I would agree.

Anonymous said...

I like your first point. That you chose "God loves me" as your first positive characteristic, says a lot of good things about the person you are.

Delbert said...

That's really a wonderful list, but I have to say I laughed out loud at dogs liking you even though you don't like them much!

You are obviously beautiful from the photos on your blog. I think you might have been too critical of yourself looking at that video.

Jane said...

Well, I will have to say that ALL those things are true. It's not bragging if it's true!!
Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that we can all echo number one on your list no matter what failing we may perceive ourselves to possess!?

JenLo said...

You are very cute! Best of luck in the blog awards finals from a fellow-finalist!

Sylvia M. said...


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