Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Janice

Happy Birthday to our Precious daughter, Janice On June 3. Jan1ce was our first baby. No couple could have been happier when our bright and beautiful Janice Dianne was born to Charles and me just ten months after our marriage. We were young and had much to learn, but were idealistic and eager to be good parents. Janice was a beautiful and outgoing child who learned to walk and talk early. Janice at 7 months in baby stroller.

With no children to play with at home, Janice slipped out of the yard to visit and talk to all the neighbors, children as well as the adults (a safe neighborhood).

With her shy mother close behind her, Janice taught me how to make friends with all my neighbors.

My wise mother mentioned to me that she had tired to teach her children many things but found she had also learned much from each of them.

I can say the same because Janice early on taught her young introverted mother how to be neighborly. Janice and my other children and grandchildren are still teaching me in my old age.

In fact today, when people compliment me for being "smart" because I went back to school and earned college and Seminary degrees after my children had already earned theirs, I tell them that if I have any "smarts" it is because I have been taught so much by my wonderful seven children, starting with Janice.

Janice was -- and still is -- a daughter to make her parents proud. She was and still is a loving “big sister" to her younger siblings, setting an example of excellence in school and in life and in her Christ centered career .

Happy Birthday to my precious, a wife, mother, grandmother and Christian leader.


Lyn said...

Yes, happy birthday, Aunt Jan!

Joan said...

Yes! Happy Birthday to the best "big sister" in the world (from one of your line of trailing "little sisters").

Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Jan!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Janice. I appreciate and love you very much. I hope your birthday was very special!

Janice said...

Thank you for this beautiful entry, mother. It is a very special birthday present!!! You might have been a shy mother in your early years, but you provided each of us such strong roots that we flowered in our own way into special tributes to your mothering! Thank you for loving us so unconditionally and for sacrificing so much so that we could succeed. I remember the hot breakfasts that you said Mama Baird thought were necessary for children to do well in school. Thank you for the beautiful outfits that you sewed for us -- way into the night. Thank you for making sure our homework was done -- well! And, thank you for your authentic life of Christian devotion. You were an outstanding mother in every regard....and since we have all grown up, you have become an outstanding preacher and woman in your own right. I am so very proud of you!! You inspire and challenge me!!