Monday, July 23, 2012

Thirteen Things You Do Not Know About Me.

Thirteen Things You May not Know, nor Want to Know about Me?

My niece Jane Lathem of Cozy Reader fame wrote “Thirteen Things You May Not Know About Me.” I was challenged to answer the same questions.

Many of the 13 things on Jane's list apply also to me. How about you? Are they "relative" things or simply human attributes?

1. You may not know that I was afraid of the dark as a child.
I still do not like to sleep in complete darkness. As far as I know there were no “nightlights” in the 30’s but a small kitchen light burned all night at our home. My mother said that before electricity she always burned a lamp with the wick turned low at night. She started that, Mama told me, when she had small babies that required feedings and diaper changes in the night.

2. As a child I was painfully shy.
I am still an introvert but I finally overcome shyness by seeing it as “self-consciousness," the emphasis being on “self," thus related to selfishness and sinfulness. “Sin” can be defined as anything that hurts or damages a person and thus something one needs to dismiss from ones life.

3. I like to write. Did I mention that I am also a philosopher, or a person given to philosophizing? Also I have liked to write and have written "poems" since early childhood.

4. I agree with Jane.
I have never eaten sushi!

5. Siblings? The siblings nearest my age were three brothers. My youngest brother was five years older than I so he played mostly with our brothers. So I, as the youngest daughter and the youngest child of nine, was virtually raised like an only child. Translation: SPOILED!!

6. Having dinner with A celebrity? I have never met nor had dinner with Jeff Foxworthy as did Jane! But I did have dinner and a friendship with Guy Sharpe!Guy was recently voted into the Georgia Hall of Fame . I found the photo of Guy with his dog in the article about the Hall of Fame awards)
Guy was music director and choir leader at Park Street United Methodist Church. He and his wife Virginia were both talented soloist and in church with us the four years we were at Park Street (1975-1979). Guy came over to College Park and sang a solo at the Funeral Service for Charles in 1986. Guy Sharpe, as all Georgians know, was a well known and popular Atlanta Weatherman television personality! Guy was, in fact, offered the opportunity to go national as a TV Weatherman, while we were with him at Park Street. But he chose to stay in Atlanta.

7. I have never appeared on a national talk show! I was interviewed and seen on an Atlanta Television Station in 1993 during the four years while I was pastor of East Point Avenue United Methodist Church. Does that count?

8. Broken bones? Jane broke one little toe. I broke both arms! I fell backward, getting tangled up in a vacuum cleaner cord. This means I spent 6 weeks with one arm in a cast and the other arm in a splint. Fortunately my husband was still living. As one can imagine, when he was home, we became very close! He even went to the bathroom with me and once put curlers in my hair after shampooing it one day. That was a riot but fun!

9. My feet grew one size with each of my children? I started out wearing a 6 1/2 and I went to a 7 with my first pregnancy and to a 7 1/2 with the second. Fortunately my feet did not continue growing with every child at that rate. I ended up with seven children and now wear a size 8 ½ shoe.

10. None of my OB/GYN doctors had a famous brother like John Birch, as far as I know? I had a different doctor with each of my seven pregancies, not by choice (theirs or mine) but because of several moves.

11. Singing voice? My singing voice is good (it is a family thing). But my voice was never as beautiful as Jane’s! One of the most welcome compliment I ever received and I gladly relate here is that the Music Director at Grantville UM Church said my voice range was perfect! She encouraged me to sing solos while I was pastor there but I did not continue. So you have to take my word for it. I did sing in the Candler Choral in seminary! Does that count?

12. Formal Education? I went back to school after my children were grown and earned a Bachelor and a Master's degree after age 60. I aged into the study of Gerontology and was also certified in Gerontology at Georgia State University.

13. I am a preacher? The last thing I ever wanted to be or expected to be was a preacher? I have been a Christian believer as far back as I remember and a definite experience and decision at age 11. For a long time I postponed the call to preach that both my husband and I recognized as early as 1975. But I am a woman? It is a problem to some. One awesome day in 1986, the Lord opened a door and pushed me into the pulpit and into Christian leadership. God has enabled me to do and to do well the task He called me to do! I retired only becaue I reached the age of mandatory retirement. I would like to have more invitaions tp preach and have never tired of telling the Story of God's amazing love and grace!"


Lyn said...

Oh, I enjoyed reading your Thursday thirteen. I think I knew most of these, but it's fun to read!

Joan said...

I really enjoyed reading this list. I guess I "sorta" knew most of it, but it is always interesting to read another person's perspective on a topic. Your youthful approach to life is encouraging to me - I hope i inherited that trait!

Carol said...

What a thrill! I LOVE checking your blog and seeing a new post. Keep writing - lots of writing. I enjoy reading anything you write.

Jane said...

Aunt Ruth, I really enjoyed your T13. I am also thrilled to see we share some traits!
I want to take this opportunity to tell you that I love you very much. I have always felt loved and accepted unconditionally by you and I thank you for that. You are an inspiration to me.

sherle said...

Hello Ruth! So glad to see you stop by at my old blog. I started the new one really as an extension of the old - mostly so i could use the new easier blogger.

I slowed down on blogging for a while & missed everybody... so i'm back! Enjoyed reading your 13 things but really enjoyed the Giles Girls story - especially the 'slop jar' story. I'm not sure it was just a southern thing because i remember staying with one of my aunts as a child. She had an outdoor 'two-holer' and kept a pot under her bed summer & winter. If you were a child you had to go into Aunt & Uncle's bedroom to use the pot. I recall being a bit mortified at the thought... & would 'hold it' all night. It might, however, have been a contributing factor to my brother wetting his bed when we were there.

Janice said...

Great to read your thirteen, mother! Very interesting reading! Like Carol, I hope you keep writing! I always learn something that I didn't know!!!