Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Dear Beth!

I am the mother of seven. Each one has a very special place in my heart. There are all kinds of stories to tell, as all of you who are parents know. Beth is our baby girl.

I know what it is like to be the baby in a family. People like to imply or say outright that the baby girl or boy in a family is a "spoiled brat." It was said about our youngest, our son David, and it was said about Beth, our youngest daughter. When I was a child it was said about me as the youngest of 11. Not true!

Each one of our children also had a special place in my heart and in their Daddy's
heart and life. The picture to the right is her Daddy holding Beth up as a Christmas decoration at the Parents home on Christmas Day.

Beth's Daddy was a pastor and was told on Sunday December 19, the day of her birth that he had plenty of time to go to church and get back to the hospital long before her birth.

However, Beth got in a hurry to make her appearance and came into the world at 12 noon just as her father was pronouncing the benediction and hurrying out the church door to go back the few miles to the hospital.

Her Daddy's first words to me after visiting the nursery to see his fifth daughter was, "She is easily the most beautiful baby in the nursery, and I heard a man say, 'Look at that baby! One can tell she is a girl - look at those beautiful lips.'" Beth was and is feminine - all woman!

One of Beth's special talents is as a singer. She and her younger brother were members of the UMC Youth choir where she was a soloist with David at the keyboard. Her high school Choral Director predicted she would "go places" with her "big beautiful" voice for such a small girl. She's only a little over 5 feet tall.One of the pictures I want to post wishing Beth a Happy Birthday is one of her giving a concert with her brother at the piano. The event was at The Joyful Noise, a supper club in a suburb of Atlanta.

Beth is the mother of a son, Joshua Shaw Hearn and a daughter Amanda Ruth Hearn Sims. Picure of Beth with Josh and Amanda when they were small children.
Joshua is married to Michaela and the father of Emma

Amanda married to Brian Sims.


Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Beth. You're a wonderful baby sister, and I don't think you're spoiled one bit. Well, maybe a little, but that's okay. LOL! I love you!
Carol said...

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