Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Snow is a BIG DEAL in Georgia

March roared in like a lion yesterday. The pear trees on the Galloway Farm in Coweta County Georgia are full of snow instead of blooms.

But the Snowfall predicted for this week-end bypassed our Northwest Georgia town, much to the sorrow of my great-grandchildren and all the schoolchildren here in Rome.

They were looking forward to snow-ball play yesterday after church and all day today rather than a typical school day.

However, I am enjoying the snow vicariously, My friend , Ann sent me wonderful snow pictures she made yesterday in Coweta county Georgia ...about 30 miles southwest from Atlanta. The little boy in the picture is Ann's grandson, Raiford.

One great memory of my three short years living in Grantville (1990-1993) includes a sudden snowstorm.

My friend Ann and her neighbor Bebe , in typical Southern hospitality, shoveled their way through that rare five foot snow in 1993 to my door to "see about me."

Phone lines were down. What could friends do but bundle up in several layers of clothes (not having the typical warm clothing of Chicago and New York folks) and get out and trudge, slipping and sliding in that exciting snow to check on other neighbors who lived alone.

So I went with Ann and Bebe to make other important house calls...first to “see about Miss Kathleen." Kathleen Ray who was a retired Missionary then living in Grantville.

Yes! Snow is a "Big Deal" in Georgia.

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