Monday, May 05, 2008

Recipes, Rhymes and Reflections by Ruth Baird Shaw (Second edition)
was recently published,

Recipes, Rhymes and & Reflections is a lifelong collection of time-tested recipes that were given to Ruth by some of Georgia's best cooks.

Along with the recipes are nineteen of Ruth's most popular poems.
Included by request are six meditations and homilies written during Ruth's United Methodist pastoral ministry.

Critics say "Ruth's poetry speaks of human emotions and experiences with a light heart and a profound faith." Ruth is often asked to share both her poetry and homilies with a wide variety of groups.

When Ruth was speaking at a Homecoming service a few years ago,a lady came up after the service to tell Ruth that she read her "Butterfly Poem" every morning as a part of her daily devotional.

Recipes , Rhymes and Reflections is a book of 122 pages selling for only $10. (add $2. postage for mailing ). You can use Ruth's email to request a copy giving you name and mailing address.

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