Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You Don't Have to Shovel Sunshine

SNOW EXCITMENT IN GEORGIA! Pictured is the snow covered grave of Ellen Axson Wilson, wife of President Woodrow Wilson in Myrtle Hill Cemetery Rome Georgia.

Woodrow Wilson described "Miss Ellie Lou" as having, "what splendid laughing eyes!" when they first met in downtown Rome.

The historical information was given and the picture was taken by my son, Terrell Shaw during his three hour walk through downtown Rome's rare five inch snowfall on the early morning January 10, 2011.

I have been a widow for 24 years. A few years ago I was friends with a man who had retired and with his wife had moved from Michigan to Georgia. His wife had been dead a couple of years when I met him at a church conference. He told me they moved to Georgia because in Georgia he "did not have to shovel sunshine."

At this point in my life, I am glad to not have to shovel snow or try to walk on ice or snow. But so many of our best family memories when our children were young are tied up with the few snow storms here in the “land of sunshine and cotton.”

My husband and I were always as excited as the children when we had a rare snow storm. He would gather up the children and some hastily makeshift sleds and hurry to Shorter Hill or some other special place. Even if there was only a little snow, we all pitched in to make a snow man.

My job was often to stay home, prepare a pot of nourishing soup, put out a clean sheet to catch fresh snow for snow ice cream, dry out wet gloves, serve hot soup and keep the home fires burning.

Today, as someone too old to shovel snow, I am enjoying the snow covered landscape on this second " snowed in day" and looking for someone to shovel my driveway and remembering " you do not have to shovel sunshine!"


Carol said...

Glad you're enjoying the snow without having to get out in it!
I got out today. Ron drove me to Larisa's house where I am spending the day with my two oldest grandgirls. Looking forward to the day. Larisa left her minivan for me- so we can actually get out and do some things today.

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