Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mary and Martha

In 1979, Charles and I visited the Holy Land. On Sunday morning we drove out to the Eastern slope of the Mount of Olives for a worship service.

We had a breathtaking view of Jerusalem across the Kidron Valley.

Alvis Waite from the South Georgia Conference United Methodist Church read the scripture and Charles preached.

Afterward we made a pilgrimage to see Lazarus’s tomb and the site of the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus.

Who could visit Bethany and not write something about Mary and Martha?

Mary and Martha.

When I was a child
I loved the story best
Of Mary and Martha.
When Jesus was their guest
Martha prepared
The bread and the meat,
While Mary kept sitting
At Jesus feet.

Somehow in the reading,
The thought was inferred
That women, like children
Should be seen and not heard!

And I thought like a Martha,
Stayed in my place,
Tended my household,
Took care of my face.

One day reading further
With a strangely warm heart,
I heard Jesus say
Mary has chosen that good part.

How I long to be Mary
Disciple devout,
While I’m more often Martha
Cumbered about.

Much hurry and serving
I stay on the . . . run,
For a Martha’s work
Is never all done.

One day reading closer
In lovely retreat,
I learned even Martha
Can sit at His feet!


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