Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day 2012

As I was reminded on facebook this morning, Memorial Day is for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

My husband and two brothers came home from World War II. These three soldiers and all those i knew would be and were quick to pay tribute to those who did not come back home from World War II or other wars!

Four of my school friends were killed in WWII: May God bless their memory on this Memorial Day 2012 and may we continue to recognize their sacrifice made in 1943 and 1944:

James Homer Cook was an airplane pilot whose airplane was shot down in the South Pacific on March 17, 1944.

Quinton " Red "Cole was killed fighting the enemy in Italy on March 9, 1944.

Carroll Adams was killed in France on July 27, 1944.

J.W. Rye was gave his life in Africa on January 21, 1943.

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