Friday, June 01, 2012

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, it seems, I started life as the youngest of eleven. It was the roaring twenties and Mama was sometimes known to call her youngest, "Sarah Ruth" and sometimes, "Baby Ruth."

Today I am the oldest and the only one of my siblings still living. My three sisters and five brothers are all gone.

But I am often told, "Ruth you are so lucky to have all those children..."how many are they? Is it five or six?" Seven!

"How are all those grandchildren? How do you keep up with so many? Countless?"

Not countless? Counted!

Seven children, seven children-in law. Eighteen grandchildren. Nine grandchildren -in-law. Twenty great-grandchildren, counting the one who is the way, due to arrive in August (and she counts) as of June 11, 2012

Sixty. Each one counted! All counted! Counted!
(Pictures of the youngest four great grandchildren in our family below:
Emma Hearn, (4-24-2009) daughter of my grandson Joshua and Michaela Hearn and granddaughter of my daughter Beth. Evey Johnston,(3-12-2010) Daughter of my grandson, Joey and Meleah Johnston and granddaughter of Carol. Alex Rogers (4-6-2010) Son of my granddaughter Jessica and her husband Philip Rogers and grandson of my son David. Liam Elisha Hearn( 3-8-2012), Son of my grandson, Joshua and Michaela Hearn, grandson of Beth.

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