Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Political comments.

President George W. Bush's speech was good and so was the speech by Senator Tim Kaine.

I did not see anything wrong with Senator Clinton's response to having the camera on her. Clinton responded like a politician but so did Senator Elizabeth Dole. Last year Dole was considered the woman Republican to run. Dole kept staying close to the president. She must feel left out with all the talk now of Condaleesa Rice as the woman to run against the potential Democratic candidacy of Clinton. Can you imagine the stress of being in this situation.

Televison camera's everywhere are making all of the politicians acting a little strange. Thoughtful people who observe Helen Thomas and Michael Moore, see up close and personal how they exibit their hatred for the President Bush and anything they label "conservative." As for Sheenan, a Democratic Senator this morning said, "everyone is invited" and it was proper for her to be invited but all who attend have to practive "decoram" and when Cindy did not, it was proper to take her away from the event. So the Democrats are distancing themselves from her.

I suppose we all enjoy poking fun ocassional at the politicans with whom we disagree.

But I think it is not a wise stance for Republicans nor Democrats.


sherle said...

Can you imagine? I missed the whole State of the Union address! Had a visitor (second daughter) for a couple of days. Just two women, one on one - fantastic medicine! ;-)

Carol said...

Awww now, don't make me feel guilty for poking a little fun at folks....
You're right, of course.