Friday, April 28, 2006

Books about Books

My sagacious neice of Cosy Reader fame sometimes mentions the books she has read. So does the many other family bloggers. Popular blogspots like The Median Sib, Daddy's Roses and Alone on A Limb often talk about books.

In a previous post, I mentioned the birthday bash at my house in February.
My granddaughter Lisette, a teacher, sent me Indelible Ink by Scottt Larsen, which is a book about the books that have shaped the lives of prominant Christian leaders. I have Mothers of Influence, inspiring stories of women whose children have become leader, given to me by my son, David.

I have a basket full of new books to read. Other books in my basket to read or finish reading include, A Return to Modesty by Wenday Shalit, Forgive and Forget by Lewis B. Smedes, The Message by Eugene Peterson.

I am sitting in my study surrounded by shelves holding hundreds of books but I still buy books (carefully and mostly used). Family members and friends still pass along a books. Books.

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Joan said...

You might enjoy a couple of the blogs in my sidebar. 50 Books and Brandywine Books obviously are blogs that focus on reading.