Thursday, August 02, 2012

"Gay" Activist

Gay Activist Mel White, who left his wife and children to moved in with his homosexual lover some years ago, has decided his life is not so "gay" after all. He is reported as saying "we are as boring as the rest of the people in Virginia."The associated press release said, "Gay Activist moves near Falwell's church to preach acceptance."

White found he already has acceptance, so he tells us he is bored.

The popular demands today are for Christians to throw away over 2000 years of Scripture and tradition as well as experience and reason and place their stamp of approval and celebration of "Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender" behavior.

Mel White (not Methodist) and his activist group Soulface and other GLBT activists have marched as a group into the General Conference of the United Methodist Church meetings for thirty years in trying to chip away at our Church's ruling against the celebration of homosexual behavior as Christian behavior. (Our United Methodist Church General Conference meets every 4 years and is is the only body to speak officially for the church)

Our instincts and our desire as loving Christians it to tolerate all non-coercive behavior. All of us are sinners. None of us are righteous or good enough to point our finger at anyone! However, the GLBT activists continue pointing their fingers at all of us who do not celebrate with them their behavior and lifestyle.

Tolerance is not what the GLBT Activists are seeking. They have tolerance. They have love from Christians. They have reached "political correctness." They are demanding the church's stamp of approval and celebration on their behavior.

I am glad to be a member of a church that listens to all sides of an issue. (I was baptized as an infant in the Methodist Church. As A young woman , I was active in church and in the Methodist Women's organization, serving as an officer on a local and district level)

As a church, we have listened long enough and voted year after year against changing our church's book of Discipline. Is it past time to stop this dialogue?

We keep voting against placing our stamp of approval on a damaging behavior that runs counter to the deepest claims of our Hebrew-Christian Scripture in the strongest language possible.

The first sexual revolution was not in the sixties, as we suppose, but was the sexual revolution initiated by Judaism and carried forward by Christianity. This ensured that polymorphous sex no longer dominated society.

Placing controls on sexual activity, heightened and channeled male-female love and sexuality and created the possibility of love and eroticism within marriage between a man and a woman and thus began the task of elevating the status of women and the nurture of children.

If one does not believe the status of women has hit an all time low take a brief look at pornography with it's rape, incest, group sex, brutality etc. This at a time when GLBT Activists have achieved political correctness.

The widespread ignoring of the Bible's prohibition of "no fault divorce" and other heterosexual secular behavior has brought about much "uncivil" and lack of civility in our world today. It has also brought us to this radical debate about "why not homosexual marriage and "why not GLBT marriage?"

It is no exaggeration to state that the Bible's prohibition of homosexual behavior and any non- marital secular behavior has made possible the "civil" and "civility" that made "civilization" possible and advanced Western Civilization.

What about the current debate about Homosexual Marriage? Marriage has rich meaning in Jewish and Christian thought and even traditionally secular marriages has always been between one man and one women.

The recent demands that two men or two women have a right to get married is brought forward, declaring anyone who does not agree and celebrate as "ignorant and mean spirited."


Lyn said...

Your 4th paragraph sums the whole situation up completely to me. They have tolerance, what they want is a stamp of approval. Well said, Grandmother!

Carol said...

Very well written - and very true. Tolerance is already there - of just about everything, really.

Jane said...

This was a wonderful post Aunt Ruth. The GLBT do NOT want tolerence is so true. If they are of the opinion their lifestyle is not against Biblical teaching then why is is SO important for them to have OUR stamp of approval. Just go start your own church and let us remain in our "ignorance"!!!!

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