Monday, July 31, 2006

Threes Meme

My THREES meme.:

1. –things that scare me:
a. terrorists
b. media people who make excuses for terrorist while happy to believe the worse about our soldiers.
c. Politicians who care more about their politics than they do their country.

2. –people who make me laugh:
a. My great grandchildren
b. Friends like Jeanne,Wallace, Marlene and Warren
c. The memory of my fun loving brothers in law.

3. –things I hate the most:
a. terrorism
b. Vandalism
c. hypocracy

4. –things I don’t understand:
a. child abuse
b. terrorism
c. most technology

5. –things I’m doing right now:
a. typing.
b. wondering if I “ really” want to take a mini vacation with a friend?
c. Wondering what is causing me to see spots before my right eye?

6. –things I want to do before I die:
a. See all my children and grandchildren happy Christians.
b. Have a corrected version of my book, Recipes, Rhymes and Reflections published
c. Finish getting all my sermons notes in my study in order

7. –things I can do:
a. Preach...though the amazing Grace of God.
b. cook a good meal
c. Love people just the way they are

8. –ways to describe my personality:
a. Introspective
b. love to laugh
c. Christian (this does not means I am “good,” only expresses what I believe. Some people are good Christians and some are not so good Christians. I am among the latter.

9. –things I can’t do:
a. Type
b. Dance
c. get caught up with paperwork

10. –things I think you should listen to:
a. Sermons
b. Gospel and Classic music
c. the wisdom of Augustine, John Wesley, GK Chesterson , C.S. Lewis, John Calvin, Elton Trueblood. Etc.

11. –things you should never listen to:
a. Much TV
b. soap opera
c. most rap and rock music

12. –absolute favorite foods
a. Fresh vegetables and fruits
b. milk chocolate
c. Kroger Deluxe Black Walnut Ice cream

13. –things I’d like to learn (see above)
a. how to type
b. how to dance
c. how to get caught up on paperwork
4. –beverages I drink regularly:
a. Water
b. unsweetened ice tea and green tea
c. coffee

15. –shows I watched as a kid:
a. No TV when I was a child.
b. Played with the children in the neighborhood
c. Lay in the grass on a Summer day, Looked up at the sky and wondered how it all began.


Lyn said...

Grandmother, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your responses! I didn't know about the ice cream being one of your favorite foods! I talked to Mom earlier and she told me about the spots in your vision. Is it any better now that you've seen the doctor?
Love you!

Lyn said...

Oh, I forgot a comment. One of the things you said you can do is accept people as they are. You are the best example I've ever seen of that! I appreciate your positive outlook about people and your unconditional acceptance of people - not that you approve of everything people do, but you love the people. Thank you for that life lesson and excellent example.

Carol said...

I enjoyed reading your list. I knew about your love for black walnut ice cream (nanny, nanny boo boo, Lyn! LOL!) And I agree with what Lyn wrote about accepting people as they are...well unless they don't eat enough cantaloupe.

JSC said...

Thanks for the email with the link to this posting and the responses. It was fun to read all of your list as well as Lyn and Carol's notes. I loved visualizing you and all the things you mentioned in the listings. Love you muchly!