Thursday, June 07, 2007

Xanthodontous. How Do I Look?

Xanthodontous: (zan-tho-DON-tuhs). Those of us still living in our eight and ninth decade, know we are slowing down. Our hair is becoming thiner and turning gray and we are becoming xanthodontus.

I did not know, until a few minutes ago ( A.Word.A.Day with Anu Garg). I am also becoming xanthodontous. (Greek xanthos (yellow) + -odon (toothed).

So our subject is "Looks," How do I look? Someone said, and it is often quoted; "You do not have but one time to make a first impression." My generation of women, generally speaking, were judged and misjudged on their physical appearance, including a nice smile.

In our recent prosperity years, the nice smile has been made fabulously white and bright with the help of costly cosmetic dentistry.

It is nice that my World War II generation has been labeled, “The Greatest Generation.” Our generation is also said to be ‘dying out” and “dropping like flies” and "not looking good" and becoming xanthodontous or yellow toothed.

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Carol said...

I've never even seen that word before. Very interesting . . .