Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Mrs Obama and Britian's Queen

Ruthlace is not a political Web Log but I was interested in Luke Baker's recent article entitled "Michelle Obama finds a new friend in Britain's Queen."

It is highly unlikly that Mrs. Obama is the first "First Lady " of the United States to be a "friend of Britains' Queen?"
But Baker goes on to report ;" "If Michelle Obama ever needs a place to stay in London, she could do worse than call on Queen Elizabeth. The two women met at the G20 summit in London in April and have kept in touch since then, royal sources said on Sunday.

When Michelle Obama made a private visit to the British capital last week with daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 8, they were given a private three-hour tour of Buckingham Palace."

Meeting the Queen is a complicated thing, we are told. You have to curtsy, you can't extend a hand before she extends hers, you can't pick up food before she does, and you definitely, most certainly, never, ever are allowed to attempt to hug or kiss her. Which is why it caused quite the hilarious stir yesterday across the pond when Her Royal Highness half-embraced Michelle Obama. Nearly the entire nation simultaneously snarfed their English Breakfast. And then, the unthinkable happened: Michelle hugged her back.

A breathless eyewitness explains to the Daily Mail:

"There was a bit of a bottleneck as all of the leaders filed out so the Queen started chatting to Michelle Obama. She appeared to look up at her and make a comment about how tall she was. As she did, she put her arm around Mrs Obama and rested her gloved hand on the small of her back. Almost simultaneously, Mrs Obama put her arm around the Queen's shoulders rather more firmly. The pair then looked at their feet and appeared to be discussing their shoes. The Queen then dropped her arm and, a few seconds later, Michelle did the same. The entire exchange lasted around eight to ten seconds but was absolutely extraordinary. The people of England, certainly would not want to offend the first African President and First Lady of the United States.

"According to " sources," the queen and Michelle Obama have exchanged letters and spoken by telephone since that first meeting. The visit last Wednesday was organized as a treat for Sasha, who turned 8 that day.

Despite their age difference, the two women are said to share a number of interests, including the countryside, gardening and clothes.

'It's a positive thing for relations between the two countries that the royal family and the president's family get along so well,' the sources said."

(Reporting by Luke Baker; Editing by Matthew Jones)

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Carol said...

That outfit she's wearing in the first photo is ugly - and so un-First Ladylike. To have a First Lady wear something so inappropriate is an embarrassment to the country she represents. It would look cute on a pre-teen or even a teenager. But not on a middle-aged woman in her forties with a big rear. I think she must believe all the silly stuff the press says about her supposed style. However, the MSM and left are so invested in the success of the Obama presidency that they'd talk about what a style setter she is if she wore a grocery sack.