Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Jesus!

Birthdays were always special in our household. Alhough the gifts were usually inexpensive, there was always a gift, a homemade birthday cake with candles and always singing! The honoree was awakened with the family singing, Happy Birthday to you."

One Christmas, four year old David asked, "Are we going to sing Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus."

Happy Birthday, dear Jesus,
Today with festive fare,
We celebrate Your birthday,
With music in the air!

Cakes are baked and waiting,
Candles light the tree.
Gifts are wrapped and ribboned
Is there no gift for Thee?

Jesus on Your birthday morning,
I kneel beside Your creche and see
Love incarnate - God's gift
And bring myself to Thee!

by Ruth Baird Shaw


Carol said...

I love that poem - one of your best

Carol said...

still love it! :-)