Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recipes, Rhymes and Reflections by Ruth

A second Edition of Recipes, Rhymes and Reflections,
recently published. RR&R is a collection of time-tested recipes from some of Georgia's best cooks!
The book would be well worth the $10.00 for anyone who likes cookbooks and for hard to find recipes like the Southern cornbread dressing recipe or Lisette's apple dumplings, not to mention the delicious chocolate pie recipe that can be quickly mixed and poured into the crust from a blender!
Along with the recipes are nineteen of Ruth's most popular poems .

Critics say "Ruth's poetry speaks of human emotions and experiences with a light heart and a profound faith."
The little book also includes written versions of 6 sermons given during her pastorial ministry. Her homilies have been described a "Poetry in the Making." Ruth is often asked to share both her poetry and homilies with a wide variety of groups.

When Ruth was speaking at a Homecoming service a few years ago,a lady came up after the service to tell Ruth that she read her "Butterfly Poem" every morning as a part of her daily devotional.

It is a book of 122 pages selling these last few books for only $10 each... add $2. postage if you wish it mailed to you. If you do not have our snail mail address, you can use my email address to request a copy giving you name and mailing address.

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Carol said...

122 pages isn't all that small! I can't wait to get my copies. The previous editions are my favorite books!