Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas! We are hearing a great deal of talk this year about the reason for the season of Christmas!

Christmas is a time of many meanings to many people. To some of us, Christmas is a season of frantic hurry, crowds and confusion. To others it is a time for partying and making merry. To others Christmas is just a welcome break in routines.

Even for Christian people, Christmas is a season of many meanings. The Christmas message of God’s great Gift of love for us in taking on human flesh is so profound that perhaps none of us can grasp it's full dimensions.
Augustine reminds us that both sexes are honored and blessed in the incarnation. The one giving birth must be female, since only females give birth. So the one receiving birth is male if both sexes are to be involved in the nativity event.
Augustine wrote; “God was not ashamed of the male nature for he took it upon himself. Nor was God ashamed of the female nature, for he was born of a woman. Thus God ennobled both male and female in the incarnation.

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