Monday, November 27, 2006

Back From the Dishpan?

After being gone and forgotten for several days, I was happy to get back to Blog Land today. But with the prolific and most interesting writing of family bloggers, I have not caught up with all my other favorites.

How do people with full time jobs find time to blog? Is it time for me to give up cooking and housecleaning so I can blog?

I love cooking a large family meal and the more people here the merrier. The Tuesday night dinner was a great ocassion. One of my grandsons, who should be a child but has completed his master's in, of all things, physics, brought a special girl to meet his Georgia relatives.

Then to add to the festive time, we had an unexpected visit from another grandson (who also grew up while i was not looking)and is now a Lieutenant in the Army.

It was great to have two grandsons who played together at Grandma's as little boys here now at the same time as fine young men.

So a great time was had by all Tuesday night at Grandma's house.

But I found myself too tired to bother with the computer. And sick! I was sick with a " trigeminal like pain" in my right ear. It finally eased off enough for me to sleep well.

Then on Wednesday morning, a long time friend came for an overnight visit. We had a great time seeing some of the sights in town ( between severe electrical storms), eating leftovers from Tuesday night and talking about "old times gone but never forgotten." We watched interesting old videos he brough.

He and i had such a great time he called a few minutes ago and wants to come back next week and help me plant those tomotoes I keep talking about but have not prepared the soil nor planted.

But it seems my hospitality and charm is all used up. i cannot face planting tomatoes next week! Possibly the next?


Carol said...

I had not heard of the trigeminal like pain! Should I plan to drive down next weekend to help. Or tomorrow for the day?

Joan said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. I wish you would write more often; but it is definitely NOT time for you to give up cooking for family gatherings!!!

Carol said...

Don't give up cooking - but enjoy being with friends, too. Home grown tomatoes sound wonderful!