Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fear of Dentist and Public Singing.

Carol, known to some of you as themediansib told yesterday about her fear of dentist. I wonder if her paralizing fear of dentists began with her fear of solo singing. Let me tell you a story.

Yesterday, I went picnicking with the Trinity UMC “Rah Rah’s” (Retired And Happy). We had a great time at the Coosa River Lock and Dam just South of Rome.

Pastor David Campbell is beginning his second year as pastor of Trinity. David rates …well "excellent", in every area of ministry… preaching, pastoral care, administration. He had been asked to “do the program” for this outdoor picnic for the retired and happy Trinity folks.

David brought his guitar, his wife (who is an accomplished soloist and music teacher) and his three young children. His wife, Susan led us in singing some of the old time gospel hymns of the church including , “What A Friend we Have in Jesus”, “When we all Get to Heaven “ and other familiar hymns with David strumming the guitar.

They had also planned to include their children in the singing. Hannah, 12, who has a beautiful voice like her mother's sang a solo. But when it came time for the usually vivacious Allie (age 7) to sing, she hang her little head and did not make a sound.

WOW. Memory took me back to a Sunday night service at a little church called ‘Sunnyside Methodist’ in Sunnyside Georgia. Carol, our beautiful blond middle daughter and middle child, told her daddy (the pastor) she would like to sing a solo. Just before the sermon, her daddy announced that Carol "would sing for us." Like Allie yesterday, our Cabbie hung her little head and would not make a sound.


Carol said...

I remember that SO well. I was thinking it happened in Kentucky rather than Georgia, though. And didn't it happen a couple times before Daddy gave up on me? Thanks for the story.

Terrell said...

I thought it was at Midway. Anyway I think it happened after we came back to Georgia, and more than once! :-)

Debi said...

I remember hiding under the pews, with Carol, at least once. I think that on that occassion I had agreed to sing with Carol. And I thought it happened more than once.

Questing Parson said...

Oh my goodness; oh, my goodness. What a small world we bloggers live in.

I've been reading your blog with appreciation since you were kind enough to once comment on mine. Little did I know we were kindred souls.

I was once, way back in the last century, the pastor of Sunnyside.

Beth said...

HAHAHAHA! Cute story :)