Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Dishes I'll Cook for Thanksgiving Dinner

Next Thursday will be Thanksgiving Day. So what's cooking?
I really love to cook and enjoy cooking and hosting all the family who can come. But others also bring some of their favorite dishes. But for this post I will try to think of 13 things I like to cook for this special day’s feast.

1. Turkey. I hope to buy and cook the largest turkey i can find and at least one turkey breast.

2. Dressing. My corn bread dressing is a soft dressing but can be cut in squares so is the 'best of both kinds.

3. Gravy. Brown turkey gravy with little pieces of turkey in it is always a hit with this family.

4. Ham. Almost everyone here likes ham for holidays. So someone , usually Carol brings a beautiful Tennessee baked ham. So everyone has a choice of meats.

5. Mashed potatoes from scratch. We often prepare about 10 pounds of potatoes if we have the usual 30 to 40 people here. This is always popular with the children. Our family includes 17 children including two granddaughters, 14 year old Katie and 7 year old Haley. We also are blessed with 15 great grandchildren: Rachael and Hannah who will be 14 as soon as possible… Rachael in December and Hannah next June. We also have Dow, John, Lewis, Helena, Mark, Brianne, AnnaGrace, Natalie, Sarah, Ethan, Lily, Sophia, and James who just turned 3.

At least five of our great grands are not planning to come the long distance here for Thanksgivng but plan to be here for Christmas. Two other of the great grands have out of town grandparents as well as great grandparents so have not worked out their holiday itineranty .

5. Green Beans. In the past I always cooked fresh green beans...but of late, in accommodation of my advanced age I use large cans of green beans but they will taste fresh. I promise.

6. Carrots. I sometimes make marinated carrots to add a nice plash of color and zesty taste. So it is either marinated carrots or a carrot and raisin salad. Both are good make ahead dishes.

7. Corn. Because of the large number of people, we do plan a variety of veggies. Good creamed corn is a popular side dish.

8. Sweet Potatoes. I do buy fresh sweet potatoes, 5 pounds, and like to simmer them slowly with the skins on, then peel and mash with just a little butter. I prefer them just heated. But I often do the brown sugar, pecan topping for those who think sweet potatoes should be sweeter potatoes.

9. Fresh Vegetable and/or fresh fruit tray. I usually count on someone else in the family, usually Sheila, to bring a fresh vegetable tray that is so good, if we do not hide it, it is gone before the Thanksgiving prayer.

10. Rolls. I enjoy making several dozen yeast rolls and hope to be able to do them again.

11. Desserts. Debi can be counted on to bring a special dessert. I hope to make a couple of pecan pies and a couple of chocolate pies.

12. Tea and lemonade.

13. God bless America.

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Carol said...

Sounds delicious, and I am THRILLED that I will be there on Thanksgiving to taste everyone of those dishes. I'll definitely bring a ham - and probably a couple pies, too. Maybe a sweet potato souffle?

Sean Carter said...

That's some storm you're cooking up this Thanksgiving and it sounds so delicious....and hey if you want some interesting ideas to make your Thanksgiving celebrations more colorful then just visit my Thanksgiving Blog sometime and enjoy all it's got to offer....have a great Thanksgiving!!!!

beth said...

Oh, I'm going to have to not eat for the rest of the week so I can pig out over at you house on Thanksgiving!!! YUM!

Jane said...

Sounds delicious Aunt Ruth. We will have a house full next week too. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas have both become international!! It is so much fun.
Hope to see you soon.

Ruth said...

No one has yet remined me that I forgot to mention the Cranberry Sauce... in my Thanksgiving menu. Dressing is not quite as good without a few bites of cranberry sauce

beth said...

Yes, you did forget to mention the cranberry sause! lol