Sunday, February 25, 2007

Boar Tusk Creek.

I have known about "Bo Tush Creek" about as long as I have known there was a boy named "Charles Colmbus Shaw." But it was years later that the road to Bo Tush was paved and a street sign was installed that I discovered it was Boar Tusk.

Charles was the oldest of five boys of Grady and Lillian Shaw and was named for his two grandfathers, Charles Wilkerson and Columbus Shaw.

The first picnic Charles and I had after we were married was to "Bo Tush Creek." It was over 70 years ago, but I remember Charles and I walking hand in hand across a long grassy field. In our other hand we each carried a small bag of sandwiches and cookies for a picnic ay "Bo Tush."

Charles told me about all the fun and family outings he had enjoyed with his parents and brothers going back to the time when he was a toddler.

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