Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sunday Seven

1. Sunday, February 18, was a good day. I finished lunch at 12 noon with a couple who are lay leaders at our church.

The church furnace is out so a newly purchased furnace will arrive and be installed Tuesday. Meantime we met at the home of one of the church leaders and I was their guest for a great lunch.

2. Arriving home a little after 12:30, my son-in-love Gregg and grandson Andrew brought in a delicious beef roasted to prefection, with mashed potatoes and gravy. My daughter-in love Sheila, son Terry and friend Mike arrived with a wonderful salad.

3. A great time was had by all around our dining room table.

4. Mike brought me a box of light and dark chocolates. Not just any box of candy, but the famous and fabulous Esther Price candy from Centerville Ohio, Mike's home town.

5. I was privileged to go with Terry, Sheila and Mike to the City Auditorim to see Les Miserables performed by some high school players.

6. To top the long day off, at seven, I went to church and heard my 27 year old grandson Andrew speak about his work with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and tell the interesting and inspiring story about his recent brain stem stroke that put him in ICU for weeks in Los Angeles. I wish all the family could have been there to hear Andrew.

7. The number seven is an impotant number in the Bible denoting perfection and completion. It is also an important number to me. My precious husband used to say, "If I could have searched the ramparts of heaven, I could not have found more perfect children than Janice, Joan, Terrell, Carol, Deborah, Beth or David." Each individual and all together are outstanding in their own way. And this is only the beginning.

8. P.S. I am blessed to have reached age 84 today with some health issues but still in my right mind. (Well, as "right mind" as any of us are, who keep blogging.)

Many people do not have the privilege of "old age" and more and more others seem to be dealing with Alzhiemers.


Carol said...

Great SUNDAY SEVEN! I'm so glad you joined the Sunday Seven group! Especially since it was your idea originally to write a Sunday Seven!

Don said...

Looks like you had a nice birthday, Aunt Ruth. Who'd suspect you were an octogenarian, much less 84. This means you were not yet a teen-ager (albeit for a few days) when I was born.

beth said...

Great Sunday Seven!!! I love it and I've very happy that you have had a nice birthday :)